Artist’s Statement

My paintings evolve from intuition and chance.

My art will allow the viewer to experience color, texture, movement and surprise. Each painting holds within it a personal metaphor of my quest for personal understanding and growth. My style is abstract with an occasional recognizable form layered within the paint. I use acrylic, collage and cold wax on wood panels.

When I start to apply paint or wax to a surface, many surprises happen. Most of my paintings have many layers, and this allows me to sand back to reveal discoveries that show me where to go next. I find endless inspiration and excitement excavating into the materials, which guide my next move. My intention is to invite viewers to experience my process and see something new.

I have a deep love of color and pattern. When the painting starts to feel finished, I sometimes add a pattern or a color and try to bring it to a visually balanced piece.

Working in this way brings me great moments of joy, engagement, and challenge. It keeps me awake and in the moment.

I have always had a need to make things, to experiment with materials and forms that have an emotional starting point. Encouraged from a young age by an artist mother and a freedom to make things and experiment guided my early vision to become an artist.